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Whether your have one store or multiple stores, ShopnGive will increase your customer loyalty and your brand instantly

Multi Stores


per month
  • 60-Days FREE TRIAL
  • OVer 3 Locations
  • 4,000 Transactions
  • Standard Support
  • Dashboard Analytics

Groups & Chains


per month
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Private Label
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Priority Customer Care
  • Dashboard Analytics

A few questions about our pricing packages

If you don't see what you want, please contact us at

Is there a contracted term?

No, we believe in helping you to be successful not restraining you with a contract and force you to pay for something that does not fit your business.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, absolutely, although we don't think you will want to cancel once you experience how easy that is to build up your loyalty base using our services. However, in the event that you do need to cancel, just drop us an email and we will take care of the cancellation process. We do ask you to honor those customers who have earned rewards already.

What is the billing cycle?

Our pricing model is simple, it is a prepaid service. You pay at the beginning of the month.

Can I try out with all my stores but only roll out to a few ones later?

Yes, we will work with you to best suit your needs, however, it is ideal to have all your stores covered so there will be less confusions on your customers.

Do I need special equipment at my store to work ShopnGive?

No, everything you need to get started should be either in your merchant tool kit that we will send to you upon your completed sign-up, or you can print them out yourself. To utilize our mobile wallet features, you do need mobile devices (ex. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones, etc...) that can access to Internet.

How will my customers know that I am on ShopnGive?

Our merchant tool kit contains flyers that you can put on your counter or thorough you stores. Your stores will also appear on our geo-location map so the users (both existing and potential new customers) can find you easily.

Do all my stores need to be in the same state?

No, they can be anywhere in the US.

I don't have Internet access in my store and I don't have a mobile device, can I still use your service?

Yes, but only certain features such as customer reward are offered to stores that don't have any Internet access capability. To get access to the richness of our platform, a mobile device is recommended.

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